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My goal with this website is to proof that people with no violin experience and musical background can learn to play the violin. Just start with the fundamentals. Take your time and within a month you will discover you made some major steps in mastering the violin.

These violin beginners lessons are also a must for people who already have some violin experience and want to check if they position the violin the right way. Learning new things is way better than watching TV. It is fun to discover what your brain is capable of. Imagine how it feels when you learn violin and you can play for your family or friends some live violin music.

A short overview of violin basic lessons needed to learn how to become a violin master.

Parts of the violin and tuning

Knowing your violin is truly the basis of becoming a great violin player. In this step I will walk you through the parts of the violin with images and some textual explaining. Also in this section I will give you practical tips about tuning your violin.

Holding the violin and playing pizzicato

Its time to try the violin. During the previous step you learned all about the instrument and how to tune it. In this step you actually going to make some music with it.

How to hold your violin bow

Crucial for mastering the violin is knowing how to hold your violin bow. The pictures provided in this step will tell you more than thousands words can describe.

How to play with the bow and reading the notes

So now you know how to hold your bow it is time for exercises. This step will give you some basic tutorials so you can practise the right way

Rhythm and notes and beats explained

Reading notes is necessary and if you do it right is in fact a fun thing to learn. I will explain the basics here. So take several minutes to write some notes down an clap your hands too.

First finger position on the violin string

I am going to take you the net level with this step. This step is about using the fingers. I will teach you the basics of how effecting the sound with your finger.

Playing violin learning the second finger

You will learn how to position the second finger on the violin. I made a detailed picture to show you how to place your second finger. In addition I wrote some simple exercises which help you concentrate on the second finger.

Music with first and second finger with rhythm

I wrote some music myself which you can practise. I recommend you start with this after you master the first and second finger exercises.

How to position third finger

In this step I added the notes for the third finger. Try these exercises before you play the violin with all the fingers.

PLaying violin with all the fingers

Now its time for the fourth finger. This page will give you a detailed image which gives you a clear impression on how to place your fourth finger on the violin string. I included some simple exercises too.

Should you learn violin?

learn violin

Learn violin

If you're attracted to the noticeable sound of the violin and the classic feeling than you might consider to play the violin by yourself. With some devotion you can play something after a few days and you will improve immense within a year. The violin is not a particularly big instrument like a contrabas or a piano. This will give you the pleasant advantage of playing where you like on your own instrument.

Buying a violin

You can learn to play on a cheap instrument but a really good violin is very expensive. I will write soon an article about how to buy a violin and will relate my advice to the level of ambition.

My visitors

This course is ment for people who do not have the time or desire to go to a conservatory. Visitors of violinfromscratch just want to play songs as fast as possible on the violin. My goal is to make learning the violin as accessible as possible.

Violin Videos

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