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Learn how to play the violin

I am Deborah and I helped many students master the violin. In this easy step by step online violin course you too will learn how to play the violin. You decide when and how you study. This online violin course gives you complete freedom.

Violin From Scratch Video Course


Violin video instruction lessons for starters.


Did you know that if you start learning the basic in november you can play some violin on christmas eve at the family diner.

It doesn’t matter how old you are. Everyone can learn how to play the violin.

Course overview

In learn violin you will learn the very basics of playing the violin. I start at the very beginning. I have trained students with absolutely no experience and knowledge. Maybe you are one of them. You think the violin is a beautiful instrument but you have no particular understanding of it. Well this site is the place for you.

The violin explained

In step one I will explain the the different parts of the violin. In this first step you will also discover how to tune your violin. In step two you will find out how to Hold the violin and playing pizzicato. This step contains images of me holding the violin and you can educate yourself on reading notes (the absolute fundamentals).

Fingers and position

In step three you will see in detail how to place your fingers on the bow. You also learn reading notes. You don't have to read a lot. Just try to copy the way how I position my fingers.

The course is written in a way that it feels if I am constantly looking over your shoulder. Although this is internet I do my best to simulate the personal attention I give my real life students too. I will ask you to study the images with 100% concentration. It is very important you get your grip right.

How to hold your bow

After the first three steps its time to hold your bow. Take a close look at the images in step four. Try to copy the way I hold the bow and the way my wrist is positioned. Practise the exercises in this step to improve your skills on reading notes.

Take a close look at the images in how to hold the violin bow.


Step five is all about rhythm. You will get insight in notes and beats. I teach you for example how you can use the bow to make the half note sound like two beats .

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