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Rhythm and notes and beats explained

You already learned the “one-beat” note. In this step I am going to learn you some other rhythms.

 example of a quarter note

Example of a quarter note

This is called a quarter note and has a length of 1 beat


example of a half note

Example of a half note

This is called a half note and has a length of 2 beats. ( 2 quarter notes)

example of a whole note

Example of a whole note

This is called a whole note and has a length of 4 beats ( 4 quarter notes or 2 half notes)

There are more notes, but first I wanted to learn you this 3 different notes.

How do you play this on the violin?

It’s the best you first clap the rhythm so that you feel it. The quarter note you already know. Just move your bow down and up in the rhythm of: 1,2,3,4

But the half note you have to play like this:

First clap one time and say 1, 2. The 1 is on the clap and with the two you only say two, you don’t clap.


Quarter note:

1         2         3         4

Clap    Clap    Clap    Clap


Half note:

1        2         3       4

Clap              Clap


Whole note:

1       2       3       4


The violin and rhythm

On the violin you can make the half note really sounds two beats because of the bow. With the bow you can make a constant sound. With clapping you can’t. There is one clap and the sound is gone.

When you play a half note on the violin with the bow you make it sounds 2 beats. Play for example the A string and count 1, 2 and make sure the A string will sound 2 beats.

The bow moves 2 quarter notes long. A whole note sounds 4 quarter notes Count: 1,2,3,4 and make sure the bow makes a sound that whole 4 quarter notes. Maybe you’ve noticed the bow has to move slow. If your bow is moving fast, you are already at the tip of the bow and can not play the other quarter notes. Here are some exercises to practise the rhythm. First just clap them and count out loud the quarter notes ( 1,2,3,4)

music note ecercise rhytmn a string

Exercise rhythm a string

music note ecercise rhytm d string

Exercise rhythm d string


Now you can play this exercises with the bow or play pizzicato:

music note ecercise 1

music note ecercise 2

music note ecercise 2

music note ecercise 3

music note ecercise 3-2

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