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Playing violin with all the fingers

You can use all the fingers now. As you noticed you haven’t learned the note of the fourth finger. This is de last finger you are going to learn in this lessons.

All four fingers from another view

The fourth finger is the same note as the open string. Let me show you.



A good exercise is:

0 1 2 3 4     4 3 2 1 0     0 1 2 3 4     4 3 2 1 0

Music with all the fingers

Up & Down




This was the last step. In ten steps you’ve learned the basic things of playing the violin. I hope you enjoyed it!

If you want to learn more you can get some violin instructions videos in which you’re learning more of playing the violin.

You must know that knowing everything of violin playing is too much to write down if you want to learn everything. That is why I put it in 10 steps in which you’ve learned the basic things. There are some things I couldn’t tell you, because you need to hear it on a video. When you want to learn more steps you can get the video’s. When you have questions you can email me. I enjoyed writing this lessons and I hope you enjoyed it too! Good luck with your violin!!